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5 user59069509

Being new to the area, we needed help with everything about searching for a new home. We are so glad we met Jeremiah at an open house. Jeremiah Cochenour is personable, absolutely professional, well-informed, thorough, attentive, caring, and knowledgeable, all with a no-pressure approach. He was accommodating to our schedule and rapidly earned our trust. When we wanted to check out a possible property, Jeremiah gathered all pertinent information prior to our viewing, gave us all the time we needed to look at the house and ask questions, and provided follow-up information when needed. He even went up into an attic crawl space with us to check out the roof structure.

Jeremiah provided us with the guidance and support we needed to complete the recent purchase process of our new home with confidence. Since our move, Jeremiah has made several follow-up contacts. We both carry his business cards with us and enthusiastically recommend him to friends and family members. If we ever see the need to sell our home at some future time, there is no doubt we will want Jeremiah to list, show, and sell the house for us.

5 user9134978

Jeremiah is a very knowledgeable real estate professional, who works hard for his clients. He is always quick to respond to phone calls and emails, and truly puts the client first. We highly recommend Jeremiah Cochenour for all your real estate needs!

5 remart1230

We were referred to Jeremiah. Even though he is relatively new to the business, he was very thorough. He alerted us to new properties as they came on the market. The negotiating process went well. We will work with him again in the future.

5 casesales23

I recently purchased a foreclosure home that ended up being quite a lengthy process(5 Months). Jeremiah did a great job of keeping me informed during the process and he never lost interest in the deal despite being a fairly inexpensive (low commission) home. I’m in sales myself and I can appreciate his attention to detail and his willingness to see the deal though.

5 a sutphin90

Jeremiah was extremely helpful in finding a house for me and my husband that was perfect. He was easy to get into contact with and really was there for me and my husband; he wasn’t just a real estate agent looking to make his money. Jeremiah is a genuine person who is there to help his clients find the perfect home. Being a first time home buyer at the age of 23 and 25 Jeremiah made everything so much easier to understand and took a lot of the stress away. Jeremiah is very knowledgeable when it comes to buying a house and will make sure that you are not taken advantage of.

5 jbporter2009

I have now sold a home and bought a home with Jeremiah as well as looking to sell an investment property with him presently. He is the type of realtor that once you find you are almost afraid to refer out in fears he will get to busy. I have seen him at his office early morning and late night and am no longer worried about that.

With my first home sold I believe we priced the property right on the higher end of the market, he had viewings almost immediately and one of those who viewed with many follow ups from my realtor was the one who purchased the home slightly under what was asking. The process dragged out a bit with the home inspection but Jeremiah was able to show his negotiation skills to keep the contract in place.

The home we bought we were looking for a county home but close to everything. One home he had brought up went under contract right after he talked to us. We looked at many homes but he continued to keep an eye out on the one under contract. The contract fell through and we were in the house looking at it the next day. It is a perfect location for a fair price and we are enjoying it.

The investment property I had him view before any work was done and after most of it was completed. he pointed out a few small things an inspector would want fixed and advised on a few things we can do to add appeal. It’s at the point that if Jeremiah is saying something we listen.

I would highly recommend!

5 mckeepoole

I highly recommend Jeremiah…I can’t say enough good things about him.

He took a lot of time to find us the right home and helped us secure a fantastic deal. We found his advice, honest, accurate and invaluable.

We will definitely use him again.

5 tzbeams44

Jeremiah took the time to really get to know my wife and I and to understand what we were looking for and helped us to achieve our goals. We were living two hours away while looking at homes and he was very accommodating with our schedule and time restraints. He was very knowledgeable and honest regarding various features in the homes as we searched for our home. Negotiations were very quick and painless and you knew that Jeremiah was not fighting tirelessly for us. I will definitely recommend Jeremiah.

5 CarolStock

Jeremiah is energetic and knowledgeable. He was very willing to spend whatever time it took to help us find our home. He is thorough during the process of a potential sale, including the home inspection. He was right there, making sure we got the best information to go forward with the sale. You will be very pleased when you choose Jeremiah to help you find your next home.

5 apthorn1864

We were worried about selling our home due to the low appraisal value, location and the slow time of year. But jeremiah was more than willing to put in the effort to sell, the same effort as if he were selling a million dollar home! We sold for more than we expected, and we were under contract within days of listing, and closed in just a few weeks! Jeremiah was professional, honest, and extremely helpfull. His knowlefge and experience saved us time and money. we couldn’t have done it without him

5 zuser20140801213230570

Jeremiah should be everybody’s agent. He always had time for me, answered every question and went to bat for me at every opportunity. He also sold my old house in less than a month… He has a great personality and work ethic…

5 user31592601

Didn’t have a sing stressful day in the process of buying my home. Every step of the way Jeremiah kept me informed and was there when I needed him. His comps were right on in terms of asking price, and didn’t run into any issues. His personality is so wonderful, that it will calm all of your nerves without you even knowing.

5 trhalstead

Awesome guy. We took f o r e v e r to buy a home but Jeremiah never made us feel rushed and never put his interests before ours. We wound up with a tremendous home that was well worth the 3 year wait.

5 csmarkle5867

Jeremiah was professional and sensitive to our needs. He was able to walk us through each step with ease. Jeremiah gave us the confidence as we progressed through the entire process.

5 user7868363

Jeremiah was great and helped my family find the perfect home! I work odd hours and he was able to work around my schedule! He was able to send us in the right direction for our home loan, home inspection, and many other things.

5 tylerluckau

Jeremiah was great to work with and sold my property within a week or two of being listed. Good to work with and easy to work with. He does an excellent job of communicating and always kept me informed throughout the process.

5 laneyjsmom

Jeremiah was a great agent for us during our home selling process. He kept us informed from the very first day we meet to the day we closed on our house. He worked very hard to make sure our listing was perfect and I have to say it was. We sold our house a lot sooner than I expected and that had a lot to do with Jeremiah’s knowledge and attention to details.

5 elbridges

Working with Jeremiah was a dream come true! My husband and I needed our house to sell fast due to a relocation. Jeremiah was extremely responsive to all our needs and questions, thoroughly explained every step of the process, and was completely professional. He had a buyer for our home in less than 2 weeks and we closed right on time. Jeremiah is the best around!

5 spzimmerman

My husband and I were first time home buyers and didn’t have the slightest clue on what to do first. Jeremiah was recommended to us by a co worker and we are so glad we gave him a call. He was so patient and willing to work with our busy schedules. He knows the Lynchburg and surrounding areas extremely well. We would email or text him a question and we received a response almost immediately. He kept us informed on every process and we never felt lost or confused. He worked with our mortgage broker to make sure we had everything together in time for closing. We definitely appreciated how professional Jeremiah was, but what we appreciated most is how kind and family oriented he was! If you haven’t chosen a realtor, pick Jeremiah, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

5 ladyraysor

Jeremiah was great to work with through the process of finding a new home. We went through several, and he knew what I was looking for. He found the home that I ultimately purchased, and it is perfect for my family! He was quick to respond to questions, and I always felt like he was working hard for me and my best interests. I appreciate his knowledge, integrity, responsiveness and availability.

5 nancyg7868

Very pleased with my recent real estate experience with Jeremiah. He was very professional and knowledgeable .He made selling my childhood home place easier and he understand the emotional ties that went a long with the business process for me, as I had no experience with the real estate market. I put my confidence in him and he exceeded my expectations .I would definitely use him again in future transactions

5 benjaminbanjoman

Jeremiah is just the right balance between professional and personal. He helped me find the an amazing place just in the right location and at a good price too. I was very impressed and would refer him to my friends and family.

5 cscrumal

Jeremiah was an absolute pleasure to work with! He was quick to respond, knowledgeable, and simply easy to work with. He has great connections with other realtors and mortgage officers making the whole process effortless. I highly recommend him to anyone in the area!

5 awhiting2010

My husband and I currently live in our dream home and that’s all because of our spectacular realtor Jeremiah Cochenour. We were referred to him and for that we will forever be grateful. I can list 100 great things about him but I’ll tell you just a few things that meant the most to us during our few months with Jeremiah. He is patient. He is full of knowledge. He is kind. He is trustworthy. Even with all his success and popularity within the community he is a down to earth family man that made us feel like his only clients whenever we were with him. Finding our first home was so extremely important to us because we wanted a special place for our daughter to grow up. What made Jeremiah such a special and one of a kind realtor was that it was equally as important to him that we find exactly what we were looking for. Like I’ve told all of our friends and family, don’t waste your time looking for a realtor when you can find someone like Jeremiah who will and has become a lifelong friend. A few months ago our doorbell rang and look and behold guess who it was? Jeremiah with a special engraved housewarming gift for our new home. There are very few times when you meet genuine and caring people. We are thankful we got to have Jeremiah as our realtor. So give him a call. You won’t regret it.

5 colthollandsworth

He was very helpful and patient with us as we were very picky and set in where we wanted to live and what we wanted in a home. He listened to us and tried really hard to find us the perfect home. It took time, but he did find truly the perfect home for me and my family. We recommend him to anyone that is trying to buy a home and we would definitely use him again in the future. Also, if we ever decide to sell, he’s the agent we’ll call. I trust him completely.

5 nmp2151

We could not have asked for a better first time home buyer experience! Jeremiah was so friendly, personable, and knowledgeable! We were very particular in what we were looking for in a house, especially the area that we wanted to be in, and he helped us find the perfect home! We would recommend him to anyone!

5 morris2008

Jeremiah showed us several houses over the past few years as we’ve contemplated the idea of moving. He was very patient as we waited until we found “the one”. He’s not pushy at all – that is one of the many things we appreciated about him. He genuinely cares about his clients and wants them to be at peace with their decision. Once we were ready to list our house, he had it under contract with in 48 hours!!! He and Emily (his wife/assistant) made the selling and buying process as seamless as possible for us. We have recommend Jeremiah to numerous people since we started working with him and will continue to do so. Even if you already have a realtor in mind, we would encourage you to consider getting a second option from Jeremiah before you commit. Thanks again Jeremiah and Emily for assisting us with selling/buying – you guys are awesome!!!

5 brooke667

Jeremiah is great to work with because he is honest and reliable. He is quick to communicate when you need help. Highly recommended. He is able to remember specifics and he is a great negotiator. We have used him to help us purchase our last 3 homes. I plan to use his services again when we need any kind of real estate help. He has great customer service skills and is able to make things happen.

5 JordanNoyes

Jeremiah was incredible, you could tell that he didn’t want you to settle on the first house that would work he wanted to find you the house that would be home. Always available and extremely knowledgeable.

5 strobelight17

Jeremiah was extremely helpful in helping me understand my real estate needs and understanding what the market had available. He was reliable, friendly and extremely professional. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home in the central Virginia area.

5 courtneyglass2947

Easy, out-going realtor. If there was a home I liked or wanted to view, he would always have something setup for that day or the next to go see it. Great all-around guy.

5 april long02

Look no further – Jeremiah is the realtor for you! He genuinely cares for his clients and works hard to get them where they want to be. The house Jeremiah sold for us was the first house we owned and sold. Jeremiah always took time to listen to our concerns or help us understand the selling process better. He is very patient and really looks out for you. Jeremiah even had a “substitute” in place when he went on vacation. We were well taken care of even when he took time off. I don’t know that many realtors (if any) do that. You will not be disappointed!

5 randy24him

Jeremiah brings much enthusiasm and knowledge into his field. He is understanding, while giving solid advice. He possesses a seemingly endless amount of energy which he focuses on his family and his job. He has been a very patient and helpful agent from my experience.

5 sjoakley

Jeremiah was very helpful in finding my family a home and in selling our previous home. He knows the local market well and how to provide the small touches that make big differences.

5 seanachiwolf

Jeremiah is extremely professional, reliable and knowledgeable. He does not just list the home and then sit back and wait for someone to find it, he actively engages in activities to actually sell the home. In short Jeremiah is a Proactive agent not a reactive one. If you want your home sold, you need look no further than Jeremiah and his team. They always keep the lines of communication open, return calls promptly and answer any and all questions honestly and quickly. I could not be happier with the results.

5 quigg31lts

Jeremiah helped us with the purchase of property. He was always on top of the process. He is personable and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!!

5 sclark126

Fantastic realtor! Sold my house in 30 days on the market… in November no less. Professional, hard working, all around great guy. Used as a buyer and a seller’s agent…. honest and reliable.

5 zuser20160612134642625

Jeremiah helped us to purchase property. Very knowledgeable and eager to walk every inch of the land with you if you so desired. Always on top of things and would go the extra mile for you! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

5 woodbt007

Jeremiah is the BEST REALTOR EVER! He was there for us every step of the way! He went out of his way to help us with all aspects of finding and purchasing our dream home. He was able to recommend very reputable financing, home inspection, settlement agent and insurance options as well as contractors for any home improvement projects or renovations. He has continued to stay in contact even after closing to make sure we are happy in our new home and to let us know he is available any time to help us should we need it. Best of all, throughout the entire process we could contact him and he would respond quickly. Thanks, Jeremiah. We LOVE our new home!

5 dandgmaxi

Jeremiah did an wonderful job in helping us get our home on the market and guiding us through the process. He was attentive to details and actively kept in contact with buyers agent to ensure all was going well. He also kept us well informed of any potential “bumps in the road”. We are grateful for all of both him and his wife.

5 thekendalls2009

Jeremiah was fantastic! We encountered several bumps along the way but they didn’t phase him. He was able to help us make wise choices and provided us with great information. He was able to help us sell our house quickly!

5 ToddRamsey0

We sold our house, listing to closing, in 18 days. He really helped get our house ready to go with great advice. Couldn’t have had a better experience.

5 davannahbyers

Jeremiah listed our home and sold it in 21 days! He was very knowledgeable in all areas of what was needed to sell our home in the shortest amount of time possible. Just days after getting a contract on our home, he negotiated a contract on the home we bought and arranged every aspect of the sale and purchase effortlessly. Highly recommend!

5 user59069509

Jeremiah helped us find our first home in the area four years ago, and in the process, earned our trust, respect, and ready referrals to our friends. He was attentive, accommodating to our schedule, diligent in searching for just the right house to meet our needs and budget, and thoroughly positive, professional, and trustworthy. Trust is important to us and we trust Jeremiah Cochenour. He is a knowledgeable realtor and a man of integrity. He continued to stay in touch with us after we purchased the house and was ready to help us list the house when we were relocating to another state. With Jeremiah’s expertise and guidance in marketing our home, we were blessed to sell our house in less than 24 hours after listing it, for the list price. We truly appreciate the service Jeremiah provided us during the original purchase and recent selling of our home. We enthusiastically recommend Jeremiah Cochenour to anyone in the Lynchburg area who is hoping to have a smooth, positive experience in the selling or purchase of a house.

5 bgmcgin

Jeremiah sold my home quickly and helped me negotiate the price I wanted. He clearly cares about what his customers and goes the extra mile to ensure the process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. I have moved nine times on military assignments, and Jeremiah is the best realtor I’ve ever worked with.

5 zuser20160511185012925

A pleasure to work with! Made my first house-buying experience a breeze! Answered all the “million questions” I had and was very professional! Highly recommended!

5 allen haag

Jeremiah has been an awesome realtor! He made sure we knew every step of the home buying process the first time we sat down with him. He was always friendly and very honest. He was very knowledgeable during the process and recommended all great professionals to work with. He was humble in the things he didn’t know about and pointed us toward the right person if he couldn’t answer a question. He felt less like a salesman and more like a friend or an advisor for us. He was there to help us get what we wanted instead of pushing us toward higher prices. When we picked a house, he helped us get a great deal during the negotiations. Lastly, he was very patient and helpful throughout a crazy closing process. We loved having Jeremiah as our realtor and would highly recommend him to any other first-time homebuyers!

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